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STRA is a non-party, non-sectarian group that aims to encourage our community (including the shops in Sudbury Town) to work together for a cleaner, greener, safer area in which to live . We are your local neighbourhood forum have been developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Sudbury details of which can be found here. For more information about our history and achievements to date click here. Volunteers are always needed to help with events and to join our committees. If you would like to join us and be involved we would like to hear from you so send us an email.


 If you would like to become a member of STRA, signing up couldn’t be easier. Download the STRA application form and either email it back to us or pop it in the post. The address is on the contact us page.

The date of the next meeting can be found here. The next agenda will appear on the  members page, Members will need to have their password ready.


At the beginning of every meeting you can apply for a 3 minute soap box slot where you can raise a local topic which is important to you and other residents in the area, i.e. dumped rubbish, anti-social behaviour etc.   

At our regular meetings we are happy to welcome speakers on a variety of subjects from our local National Trust group to safer neighbourhood policing, local councillors, Wembley History Society etc.   If you would like to suggest a topic please email or phone in your ideas.


Find out more about Sudbury on the Sudbury wikipedia page.

STRA meetings - change of venue


The next meeting will take place at: Vale Farm Sports Centre - Ground Floor


STRA members meeting                 Tuesday 2 August 2016


Time:                                               8.00 pm -  9.00 pm.

THE BIG CLEAN UP - Love Where You Live?

Sudbury’s streets now look cleaner, greener and brighter thanks to a 3 day community clean-up event organised by members of the Sudbury Town Residents Association (STRA).


STRA members teamed up with local residents, councillors, the neighbourhood police and Veolia to clean up the streets of Sudbury, and inform other residents in the area about what they can do to keep their streets and parks litter and rubbish free.


Renu Kaul, Vice-Chairman of STRA spoke passionately about the need for residents to take pride in their local area and be proactive in helping to make Brent cleaner and greener. She said: 

“We can’t put all the responsibility for keeping this borough clean and safe on the council, as a community we need to take ownership.

“If we all work together we can make a real difference in this borough. These clean-up days are not just about picking the litter up from the streets, they are about inspiring members of the community to get involved and help make Brent a beautiful, clean place to live.”


You don’t have to organise a clean-up event to play your part though, you can make a difference and keep Brent’s streets clean and tidy in a few simple clicks by downloading and using the Cleaner Brent app.

Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Keeping our streets and parks as clean as possible is a priority for us. Joining forces with residents and local groups is vital for tackling the anti-social behaviour of a few people who continue to show no respect for our environment or their neighbours."

“So I'd like to thank Renu and the other members of STRA for all their hard work organising the clean-up day. It's great to see our communities taking pride in Brent's streets and parks and going to such great efforts to help clean up our borough so it's safe and pleasant for everyone who lives here."

“With everyone doing their bit, we can make sure Brent is a place that we we'll all feel very proud to call home.”

If you haven’t already, take a look at the 5 simple ways you can help to make Brent cleaner and greener.

New Rubbish Collection Arrangements for Sudbury Town


A message from Brent Council


As part of our programme of works, we are getting ready to implement the next stage of timed waste collections in Sudbury at the end of June.


The next area is confirmed as affecting the following sections of roads:



·         709 – 832, 959-965 and 935 Harrow Road, HA0


·         2-36 Watford Road, HAO


 The times for the collections will be 7.00am - 8.00am in the morning and 7.00pm to 8.00pm in the evening.


The intention of timed waste collections is to make streets cleaner and free of dumped rubbish by restricting the times shops and those living above shops can put their waste out for collection.


Currently, there are no restrictions and bags are placed on the street from morning to night.


Under this scheme, bags can only be collected between two one-hour time slots per day. Residents and businesses can only put their bags out in the half hour before these time slots. This will be monitored and will mean the streets are free of bags at all other times. The intervals have been settled upon because they fit with Veolia’s main morning and evening operations.


It also means that residents here will get many opportunities to have their waste collected, i.e. twice per day, every day of the week. They will also enjoy cleaner streets as a result.


The initiative was also agreed with Veolia as part of the means of facilitating their main contract target commitments, i.e. reducing residual waste and making streets cleaner.


This area will come into effect on Monday 27th June. Veolia will spend two weeks prior to this date talking with businesses and residents who will be affected, making sure they understand the new rules and helping them with any questions they may have. We will also advise all the waste collection companies who operate in the area.


We will be monitoring, advising and enforcing the new requirements from this date.


This link provides more information and a programme of works.




Your help in communicating these changes would be very welcome. Please let us know if you wish to get involved. Any queries should be directed to timedcollections@brent.gov.uk<mailto:timedcollections@brent.gov.uk>


Dairy Farms in Sudbury

When we buy milk today, we are most likely to get it from a supermarket, in a plastic bottle. But how much do we know about where our milk comes from, and the stories behind the dairy farming business, especially when this was an activity carried out by people in our local area?
People have kept cows (and other animals) to provide milk for thousands of years, but it was only in the 19th century that some farms began to specialise in milk production. This article looks at the history of three such farms in the Sudbury district of Brent, and at some of the changes in delivering milk from the farms so that we can enjoy it as a drink, or on our breakfast cereal, in our homes. Read more by downloading the pdf.

Dairy Farms in Sudbury
Dairy farms in Sudbury.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

Brent Community Champions Award

Well done to our deputy chair Renu Kaul who is one of 19 recipients of the Brent Community Champions Awards for 2015. STRA members Francis Henry, Christine Harvey and Jean Peacock, won this award in 2014 for their efforts to make Sudbury a better place to live.

The awards are an annual event from Brent Council to honour and recognise individuals who have given outstanding community and voluntary service in Brent

The awards are given to recognise people who make a positive difference to their local community.  Recipients may work for a voluntary organisation or group: or are school governors: run or work for youth clubs and organisations, or are just good neighbours, or helpful business people.


Residents can apply on line to suggest someone they think deserves this award.

At last we have official permission from Network Rail.


Mary Farrell was present this afternoon along with several STRA members and took the attached photograph.  There were two representatives from Network Rail. For more details about this project see here.

News about the High Street Fund


STRA is delighted to inform its allocation of £20,000 from Mayor of London for our own High Street.

Colourful new banners, new signage & murals from local artists and many more for more information please follow the link.


New on the website

News on a London wide initiative on spitting can be found here. In addition we have been rationalising our website. Please bear with us while we do this important work. In the mean time you may find items have moved and are not in the usual place.


At the last STRA meeting we had a discussion about the future of Horsenden Hill Golf course. On 25th November 2014 Ealing Council Cabinet passed a proposal for the permanent closure of Horsenden Hill Golf Course from 31st January 2015 unless alternative plans are presented to enable it to continue. Please click here to find out more. We are now pleased to report that due to community action the Christmas tree farm idea has been dropped.



STRA have also recently identified the need for a disabled parking bay in Sudbury Town. Click here to see the full story.


Our 2014 newsletter is now available. It is full of news and interesting stories. If you wish to receive a printed copy please sign up here.



The Sudbury Then and Now exhibition was a great success. Click here to read the full story. You can also read about the sucessful Diva Opera 2015.


There are proposals for a new bus route in the area. For more details see here. Also, new on the site our dedicated Sudbury in Bloom and High Street Fund pages.


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Make a positive difference in Sudbury we need your voice and your help to make Sudbury a better more prosperous place to live and work If you need to get fIt or walk your dog please volunteer to deliver important information and questionnaires to the streets near you do your bit to make change happen. Volunteers to email info@stra.org.uk for further information



Our 2014 newsletter is now available. It is full of news and interesting stories. If you wish to receive a printed copy please sign up here.

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