Welcome to Sudbury Town Residents' Association (STRA)

STRA is a non-political, non-sectarian group that aims to encourage our community (including the shops in Sudbury Town) to work together for a cleaner, greener, and safer area in which to live. We are your local neighbourhood forum and have developed a Neighbourhood Plan for Sudbury details of which can be found here. For more information about our history and achievements to date click here. Volunteers are always needed to help with events and to join our committees. If you would like to join us and be involved we would like to hear from you so send us an email.


 If you would like to become a member of STRA, signing up couldn’t be easier. Download the STRA application form and either email it back to us or pop it in the post. The address is on the contact us page.

The date of the next meeting can be found here. The next agenda will appear on the  members page, Members will need to have their password ready.


At the beginning of every meeting you can apply for a three minute soap box slot where you can raise a local topic which is important to you and other residents in the area, i.e. dumped rubbish, anti-social behaviour etc.   

At our regular meetings we are happy to welcome speakers on a variety of subjects from our local National Trust group to safer neighbourhood policing, local councillors, Wembley History Society etc.   If you would like to suggest a topic please email or phone in your ideas.


Find out more about Sudbury on the Sudbury wikipedia page.


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Queen's Platinum Jubille 2022 - Sudbury Town Celebrates


On Saturday 4 June 2022 STRA held a celebration for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Maybank Open Space. The event was well attended and enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success

STRA Centre Stage

Since lockdown was announced, live-streaming views have increased by almost 45% across multiple platforms. Live-steaming was the perfect way to bring the community together and bring positivity to the area. 


STRA Centre Stage Instagram live steams main aim is to showcase people’s talents and skills around Sudbury Town and beyond.


STRA Centre Stage’s Live streams are on Instagram STRA__FORUM every Saturday at 6pm.

Follow on Instagram STRA__FORUM to join the live streams and to view the pervious interviews.


See the latest STRA Centre Stage event here

Please help us raise funds for legal costs

We have seen the monstrous high rises built on every corner in Brent, and this is just a start! In the Draft Local Plan, Brent council plans to build within and around our green spaces, force the sale of homes and turn our wonderful neighbourhood into rows of high rises.
We are all aware of the housing shortage in England, and like every borough, Brent was given a target to build new homes to help the Government minimise the shortage. 
Brent’s target was 23,250 from 2019 to 2029, and it has already met this via developments approved in Northwick Park Hospital, Wembley Park  Wembley Central, Beresford Avenue, Alperton House, Minavil House, Alperton Bus Garage and Bridgewater Road. However, per its Draft Local Plan, the Council plans to continue building new homes. An interesting observation is that there is no plan to add hospitals, schools, GP services or other essential services to support the extra homes and new residents.
Everyone living in Brent has a say on the Local Plan and it’s the Council’s duty to consult its residents, but most residents are not even aware of its existence!
We are challenging Brent on some of it’s Plans. To do this, we need legal representation, which comes at a cost. Please support us by donating whatever you can to help towards our legal costs. A number of local residents are volunteering their precious time to support STRA so please be assured that all donations will be used towards legal costs.

Local Weather


Local weather brought to you from the weather station at the home of one of our members. Click in the data below to see a full weather history. Data provided by a Weathereye weather station connected to a Raspberry Pi single board computer running pywws.

Join us!

Do you live in Sudbury? Are you passionate about improving the area? Guess what, so are we!


We've got regular meetings, plenty of social events and a burning desire to maintain everything that's great about Sudbury – and see what we can do to improve the not-so-great parts too.


Join STRA today and do as much or as little as you like.

Tel: 020 8144 5645

E-mail: info@stra.org.uk


Get involved!

Are you good at anything? Do you have skills we might need?


Seriously, anything at all!


Whatever skills or experience you have, we could use your help. We've got lots of ongoing campaigns, projects and ideas and we would simply love it if you got involved!


To find out more about getting involved, email info@stra.org.uk, with the subject heading "Get involved!", and briefly introduce yourself.


Next Meeting 

For details of the next members meeting and a write up of our AGM click here. 

Sudbury in Bloom

On Saturday 29 May 2021 STRA and WCARA joined hands again to spread some colour and happiness around Sudbury Town with the gift of free bedding plants.


STRA applied for and received a grant from Brent Council Love Where You Live Grant. 

Social Media

STRA has two Facebook Pages, one for general STRA matters and one for events. Sudbury Town also has its own Facebook page.