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Sudbury Town Residents' Association (STRA) is a non-party, non-sectarian group and aims to encourage our community (including the shops in Harrow Road) to work together to improve the area we live in. STRA is your local neighbourhood forum.
Find out more about Sudbury on the Sudbury wikipedia page.



The London Borough of Brent is publishing the draft Sudbury Town Neighbourhood Plan and inviting representations. The Plan has been produced by the Sudbury Town Residents’ Association to guide development in the Sudbury Neighbourhood Area. The vision of the Plan is ‘to create a greener, cleaner, safer Sudbury Town, with a High Street at the heart of the community that we can all be proud of.’It is accompanied by a Sustainability Appraisal, Consultation Statement, Basic Conditions Statement and Area Statement.


The Council is now inviting representations on the Plan for six weeks from 23 October to 3 December 2014. You are invited to comment by emailing ldf@brent.gov.uk or writing to the Policy and Project Team, Brent Civic Centre, Engineer’s Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ.


The documents are available to view or download at www.brent.gov.uk/stnp.  During the six week period the Plan will be available to view at Vale Farm Sports Centre and Wembley Library in Brent Civic Centre. 


Following the consultation an independent examiner will be appointed and if the plan is approved, it will undergo referendum in the neighbourhood area. If the majority of those who vote in the referendum are in favour of the plan then it will be brought into legal force by Brent Council. It will then form part of Brent’s Local Plan and will guide development in the neighbourhood area alongside other planning policies.


Any representations may include a request to be notified of Brent Council’s decision on the plan following the referendum. The deadline for receiving your comments is 5pm on the 3 December 2014.

Newsletter 2014

Our 2014 newsletter is now available. It is full of news and interesting stories. If you wish to receive a copy please sign up below.

STRA member raises funds for charity


Gini Moore, a STRA member, took on Ben Nevis to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


Her 21-year-old nephew Bradley was diagnosed with the disease when he was only six months, who inspired her to conquer the mountain.


She said: “Bradley has had a hard time over the years with cystic fibrosis, he had to quit his university degree as he was in and out of hospital so much and he suffers from cystic fibrosis related diabetes. “He also struggles to put on weight. I wanted to give something back to the charity that supports people like Bradley, by completing this challenge. “l was pushed to my limits completing this challenge both mentally and physically but all in all it was a great experience to be a part of the Cystic Fibrosis Trekkers team.”


Cystic fibrosis is a life-shortening genetic condition which causes internal organs to become clogged with thicksticky mucus, leading to infections and inflammation of the lungs.




Diwali event

This year we are celebrating DIWALI on Saturday 25th October at the Brent Indian Association, Ealing Road, Wembley HA0 4TH. The price includes a vegetarian buffet dinner with live music from the popular  Raksha Vyas and Rajni Gor.


Pre-booking your tickets is essential by contacting one of the following:

Jagdish Patel (Brent Indian Association)

Email: jrp1951@yahoo.com   Tel: 020 8903 3019

Renu Kaul (STRA Deputy Chair)

Email: renukaul@btinternet.com   078 404 911 42

Dee Grewall Mobile 07793 564 962

Aubrey Treloar – Email: aubrey_trelaor@yahoo.co.uk

STRA Secretary – Email info@stra.org.ukt box >>

Diwali Poster
Details of the Diwali event can be found in the attached file.
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]

Sudbury Arts Event 2014

See below for details of the next Sudbury Arts Event. For further details see the Diva Opera website.

Science workshp day


STRA'S Sudbury Arts Festival 2014 funded a special Science Workshop Day for Sudbury Primary School organised by Sphere Science, a children's workshop specialist.  This was held in conjunction with the schools science week and supported the aim of the National Curriculum to “develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science.

Famous scientist Sir William Perrin who lived and worked in the Sudbury area developed the process for producing the colour Mauve, this was the initial reason to have a science day connected to art.


Pictures from the event
Pictures from the event
Year 5 prize.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [227.5 KB]

HELP needed for Organic veg-box scheme


I am a member of STRA and want to start an organic veg box scheme in Sudbury Town and the surrounding neighbourhood. 

The scheme will be part of the Growing Communities startup programme. Growing Communities have been running a successful box scheme for 20 years using local farmers and urban growers as well as their own urban farm project. It wants to transform food and farming through community - led trade. Their mentor programme helps other groups set up community - led box schemes based on their model. It helps to support local organic farms in the UK. 

Many of us want to know where our food comes from, that the farmer is getting a fair price for his produce and it is sustainable. As more schemes are started using the Growing communities model it will create a network that can help save many food growers. The scheme gives customers a direct link to the farmer and vise visa. 

As well as the box scheme I'm also exploring the opportunity to start an urban farming network in Brent, Ealing, Harrow and Hillingdon Borughs. This would mean getting small parcels of land that can be used for food growing. 

I am looking for anyone who cares about their environment, want to be part of a community led project. Do you have an interest in gardening or food growing. I need marketing, sales and web designers. If you are interested in this project and want to help then please email myself at aubrey_trelaor@yahoo.co.uk 

You can also look at the Growing Communities website for more informationwww.growingcommunities.org 

I need to complete the application process before December 2014 to show the scheme is viable so I ended help now

Kind regards 

Aubrey Treloar 

Name required for new flats

STRA have been approached aboutt naming for the new flats in Linthorpe Avenue. Catalyst housing are now reaching the stage when they need to submit names to the Council for approval. They  hope to be starting demolition in early September and new build will go ahead  afterwards. Do STRA members have any ideas for possible names? Steve BowerI would be very interested in any suggestions.


Steve Bower
Senior Project Manager | 020 8832 3129 | 07730320479

Week of action

STRA joined forces with Brent Council for the Partnership Week of Action.


STRA’s Event on Saturday 2 August was at Butler’s Green between 11 am to 3 pm to increase STRA membership, increase awareness and Litterpick (optional).


STRA along with Brent Council  focused on paan chewing and spitting – the health implications, crime reduction, street drinking, cleaner streets, anti-social behaviour, environmental issues and general awareness of services provided free of charge  by Brent Council.


STRA Members  had the chance to meet their councillors, find out what’s happening in their area and let Brent know what services it does well and how we can go about improving them even further.




STRA members win community award

Brent Community Awards 2014


The Mayor Bobby Thomas presented awards to 26 Brent residents  aged from 18 to 84 in recognition of their outstanding community service.  Three Sudbury residents Francis Henry from Daniels Estate Agents, Christine Harvey from Through the Looking Glass hairdressers and Jean Peacock, membership secretary for the local Sudbury Town Residents' Association and the local National Trust voluntary group, had their contribution to the Sudbury community recognised. They have done much to bring their mixed community together, the latest being the Sudbury Arts Festival 2013.


The Arts Festival committee has announced as part of this years community project, the return of the internationally renowned Diva Opera company with a Christmas opera at St Andrew's Church on the 5th December.

Walking Group

Details of the walking group can be found on our social pages here.

Neighbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood planning provides an excellent opportunity for us, the local community, to shape the future of Sudbury. It can help us influence what changes and improvements we think are necessary to make Sudbury a better place to live, work and play.


Over the last year residents and businesses came together at a series of events to discuss ideas for the neighbourhood plan. These ideas are presented in a master document *“Options Report”.


We asked for your thoughts on these ideas before we drafted a series of policies that will eventually be used to shape and determine the future planning proposals and applications for the area.


The neighbourhood plan is being led by Sudbury Town Residents’ Association (STRA), who is the first Neighbourhood Forum to have been designated in the London Borough of Brent.  Sudbury is one of only a handful of areas in London where the neighbourhood plan is being prepared.  STRA Neighbourhood Forum is recognised by Brent Council as an appropriate body to develop a new plan, being representative of the community. This is a major step for the area and for Brent Council.


The focus of the neighbourhood plan is on the high street; essentially the area between Barham Park and Butlers Green. The plan also includes Vale Farm and Sudbury Town Piccadilly Line tube station and Sudbury & Harrow Road Chiltern Railways station. We encourage everyone who lives, shops or works in the area to view what is being proposed. 


This is the most exciting opportunity for the Sudbury community to collectively make positive changes for the future. 


For further information and membership details please contact or email STRA info@stra.org.uk or call Renu Kaul on 07840 491 142 or write to STRA, c/o SMC, 809 Harrow Road, Sudbury, Middlesex HA0 2LP


See our planning page here.


Survey results from Exhibition Launch

The document below contains the results from the latest survey on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Data from the latest survey
The attached file contains the responses to the latest survey.
STRA Depersonalised Survey Data.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [69.6 KB]

Green Fingered?

Vacancies for allotments in Brent

Seven allotment sites in Brent now have vacancies for anyone who wants to try their hand at food growing

The vacancies are at allotments in Cecil Avenue, Wembley, Kinch Grove, Kenton, Lyon Park Avenue, Alperton, Sudbury Court Road, Sudbury, Vale Farm, Wembley, Woodfield Avenue, Wembley, and Dors Close allotment, Kingsbury.

Allotment gardening is a great way to grow healthy food, keep active and works out a cost of just 22p a day for a standard size-five pole plot - that's about half the size of a tennis court and is big enough to grow enough fruit and veg for a small family.

Call Brent Council on 020 8937 5619 to apply for an allotment or you can apply online at www.brent.gov.uk or email parks.service@brent.gov.uk

New Toilets Open

Both the public and bus drivers now have access to our new facilities.  The bus drivers use the access code for the two private cubicles while the public are charged 20p for using the unisex disabled toilet (free for Radar key holders).


Make a positive difference in Sudbury we need your voice and your help to make Sudbury a better more prosperous place to live and work If you need to get fIt or walk your dog please volunteer to deliver important information and questionnaires to the streets near you do your bit to make change happen. Volunteers to email info@stra.org.uk for further information

STRA Quiz Team and Scrabble Club

A regular STRA event. Please join our quiz team and let's try and win a prize. We are also trying to start a Scrabble Club Details here.

STRA Cycling club

Information on the new STRA cycling club can be found here.

Safer Neighbourhoods

Details of Neighbourhood watch and street briefings can be found here.

About us

If you're interested in our work and would like to support us, read about us and  the projects we've contributed to in the past.


The next meeting is on 15 October 2013 at Sudbury Methodist Church, 809 Harrow Road, Wembley Middlesex HA0 2LP. The next agenda will appearon the  members page.


STRA would like to invite speakers to speak at the monthly meeting (there is no meeting in August and December) on any topic of your choice.  Please write/email or phone in your ideas and we will try to deliver.


Meeting Details

Our projects

Browse through these pages to learn more about us and our projects.


Our main project at the moment is the development plan for Sudbury. More details of this can be found above. In particular you can find out about our status as a neighbourhood forum and a meeting held on the 16 March to take the neighbourhood plan forward.

Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at:


Sudbury Town Residents' Association
Church Hall

809 Harrow Road


Tel: 07840491142

E-mail: rkaul@aspships.com


Or use our online contact form.


To become a member click here.


Neighbourhood Forum

We are delighted to notify you that Sudbury Town Residents Association (STRA) has been appointed as a Neighbourhood Forum with immediate effect by London Borough of Brent.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

Brent Council's Cabinet approved the publication of Sudbury Resident Association's Neighbourhood Plan. This plan to be published for 6 weeks from 23 October  to 3 December 2014.


During the 6 weeks copies of the plan will be available online at www.brent.gov.uk/stnp, and hard copies will be placed in Vale Farm Sports Centre, Wembley Library at Brent Civic Centre, Churches, Mosque and other key places in Sudbury Town area.

Sudbury Arts Festival

 The Sudbury Arts Festival was well received. The website www.sudburyartsfestival.co.uk will be kept live to display a record of the event. Please visit.

Street Briefings

See the Safer Neighbourhood page for details of forthcoming street briefings.

Next Meeting 

The next meeting is on Monday, 17 November 2014 7.30 pm. For all future meetings click here. 

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