Sudbury Town Residents' Association history


On Friday, 25th February 2011 a meeting of colleagues and friends with common interests in the area of Sudbury decided to form Sudbury Town Residents’ Association (STRA). In 2013 we were appointed as a neighbourhood forum by London Borough of Brent.


You can find out more about the neighbourhood forums in the following web site.




STRA June 2011 - The founding members STRA June 2011 - The founding members

Sudbury Town Residents’ Association (STRA) is approaching its third birthday. If you  are new to this area or you want to be part of a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Sudbury  and wish to make Sudbury a better place to live please become a member. With 180 members we have achieved a lot, but we need more and you can make a difference by joining us. We meet regularly at Sudbury Methodist Church Hall, 809 Harrow Road. You are welcome to attend these meetings to meet the members before you join and make your voice heard. We are beginning to add more social events to our web page, e.g., annual dinner, cycling club, pub quiz team at the Black Horse as well as many other activities on offer in Sudbury.

STRA’s achievements to date and for the future


  • Appointed as a Neighbourhood Sudbury Ward – one of the first in Greater London(If you are interested in shaping your local area, and deciding where new homes, shops and other facilities will go and what they will look like, NF gives you the opportunity to get involved and have your say)
  • Campaign relentlessly to stop PAAN spitting and spitting (on-going)
  • Worked with Brent Council to pavements in Sudbury Town and the planting of sixteen trees Campaigned successfully for toilets at Sudbury and Harrow Road Station
  • Petitioned against the opening of more betting shops in Sudbury
  • Petitioned for more trains to stop at our local station Sudbury and Harrow Road
  • Orchestrated and championed litter free streets
  • Campaigned for clutter free pavements and new street lamps
  • Continually working on educating people that dumping rubbish on pavements and green spaces makes an area look rundown and uncared for.  This also invites antisocial behaviour - graffiti, drugs, drinking, burglary etc. Brent Council spends £6 Million per annum on refuse collection. These funds can be put to better use
  • Liaising with Network Rail to improve the areas on side of the railway bridge (on-going).
  • Supported gates being put up behind the shops
  • Requested user friendly steps leading from Compton Avenue to the football field
  • Organised the Party in the Park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and to raise funds for local charities
  • Participated in the celebrations for the Olympic Torch relay in the High Street
  • Playing an active role on the Sudbury Ward Panel to raise members concerns relating to
  • Regular liaison with Brent Council and Ward Councillors on matters of concern to our
  • Promoting the interests of our business members
  • Monitoring of planning and licence applications and licence applications/keeping an eye on the illegal practice of beds in sheds

We are committed to continually work with our members to promote and improve how we live and work in Sudbury


  • Promote Sudbury Arts Festival in September 2013 which starts with a  pre-event viewing of the film TRASHED by Jeremy Irons at 7 pm sharp at the Sudbury Baptist Church – Barham Park roundabout on Tuesday, 17 September
  • STRA is in dialogue with Brent Council and our Consultant with respect to a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Sudbury
  • Campaigning to remove cars parked on the pavement
  • Campaigning  / encouraging a stop to the sale of paan filled with tobacco, betel nut and lime
  • Organising an awareness campaign of the serious health risks of consuming paan filled with
    tobacco, betel nut and lime
  • Litter picks – we plan two Litterpicks a year – the next one is on Saturday, 14  December 2013

Join us!

Find out how by contacting us online via our online contact form.

Tel: 07840491142



To become a member of STRA click here for an application form. Your £6 membership fee and your support could help Sudbury to be cleaner, greener, safer.


Make a positive difference in Sudbury we need your voice and your help to make Sudbury a better more prosperous place to live and work If you need to get fIt or walk your dog please volunteer to deliver important information and questionnaires to the streets near you do your bit to make change happen. Volunteers to email for further information



Our 2014 newsletter is now available. It is full of news and interesting stories. If you wish to receive a printed copy please sign up here.

Next Meeting 

For details of the next meeting click here. 

Social Media

STRA has two Facebook Pages, one for general STRA matters and one for events. Sudbury Town also has its own FaceBook page.

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