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STRA fundraising buffet at the Himalayan Club


Residents enjoyed a three-course Indian buffet and an evening of live music at the Himalayan Club opposite Butler’s Green on Thursday 12th October. STRA raised a total of £620 to continue its good work for the community.


Luring everyone to the dance floor after dinner, the Paramount Blues Band belted out a range of rock, jazz and folk hits – which were only interrupted for a raffle that saw lucky guests win great prizes including whisky, wine and a three-person flight in a single-engine plane.


The western music was balanced by a selection of delicious Indian dishes served up by the Himalayan Club in a cultural fusion of east and west.


STRA would like to express its gratitude to everyone who generously donated prizes for the raffle and especially to George Irvin, whose son James dropped in to buy everyone a drink on the night.  


Raffle prize donations were received from the following in alphabetical order:


Arif Punjani                            (Matplus - Chartered Certified Accountants)

Bal Rayamajhi                       (Owner of the Himalayan Club)

Derrick D’Mello                      (V & S Motors - MOT Electronics and Bodywork)

Dhiraj Kotecha                       (Jalsa - Sweets and Savouries)

Francis Henry                        (Daniels Estate Agents)

George Irvin                           (Irvin Leisure – Fairground & Amusements)

Hardip and Neelu Singh        (STRA members)

Jackie Heavey                       (STRA member)

Mary Daly                              (Brent Councillor)

Rajpal Singh                          (Wise Guys - DIY Plumbing & Plastics)

Wai Ki Cheng                         (STRA member)


Thanks to Cassandra Cheng and Joe Heavey for presiding over the raffle with the help of youngest guest Jay Kerai, aged nine, and Steve Bennett, who was master of ceremonies for the evening.


Special thanks are also due to STRA Deputy Chair Renu Kaul for all the behind-the-scenes work that she put in to making this wonderful evening possible, and to Chairman John Carroll for delivering the welcome introduction at the start of the evening and taking photos throughout the night – these can be viewed above.

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